Confessions of an Australian Ripoff Artist

How I Scammed my Clients

For some 30 years I have been a practicing Australian Patent Attorney while being a member of the "Institute of Professional Thieves of Australia"  (IPTA), ripping off gullible inventors and companies who sought to achieve patent protection of their stupid inventions and other silly ideas by simply stealing their money with impunity.

To rip lots of money out of these suckers was so easy I simply have to relate how easy it was to rip off all those silly inventors with their banal ideas and their willingness to part with their hard earned cash and assets.

I had the full understanding, sympathy and support of the professional organization "Institute of Professional Thieves of Australia" (IPTA). They really back their thieving members to the hilt by giving any complainant the run around and "here" you can read a sample of their chicanery and "some more".

The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA) generously protected me by actually commencing defamation proceedings against one of my victims in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent him from publicizing on TV (Channel 9 “A Current Affair” 27th Aug. 2001) how I ripped off his money. With an obliging firm of solicitors like Slater & Gordon it was thought to be simple enough to commence a "SLAPP Writ" (Start Legal Action to Prevent Publication). That was the most useful aspect of being a member of the The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (a.k.a. Institute of Professional Thieves of Australia).

They had to withdraw these proceedings unconditionally, even though they had 6 witnesses willing to lie in court under oath on my behalf and it did not cost me a single cent. The The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia paid all the costs of this defamation action to the tune of $25,000.00, with the sole purpose to shut him up and protect me and my fellow thieving Australian Patent Attorneys. I am very impressed that they acted so generously, but then Tony Ward and John Slattery (President of the IPTA-MAFIA) are obviously very generous with their members funds and their members surely agreed to such a costly  attempted cover up of my ripoff actions.

This wonderful organization even advised another one of my victims, who lodged a complaint about me to the Convener (Tony Ward) of their “Ethics & Disputes Committee” "Well, I don't want to be responsible for taking away his livelihood".

I am sure my good friend Tony Ward would have expressed similar sentiments had I been in the business of mugging old ladies, molesting minors or robbing banks. Tony Ward is one hell of a character who first met his father at his parents' wedding.

Membership of the "The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia" or not makes no difference to an Australian Patent Attorneys livelihood or his ability to practice, but is a good protection racket.

This very supportive act by my good friend Tony Ward, the Convener of the “Ethics & Disputes Committee” of the"The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia" can be seen as aiding and abetting. Some people might be forgiven for assuming that this would be the response of a somewhat unsavory character, but then The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia does attract a fair number of such types.

What also was of immense help to me and my thieving colleagues is the fact, that members of the IPTA are not required to keep a Trust Account or any type of Indemnity/Liability cover unlike organizations such as lawyers (which we are not), Chartered Accountants or members of the Real Estate Institute. Australian Patent Attorneys just don't have to deal with such trivia and can rip off their victims’ moneys with impunity.

Even the “Tribunal of the Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trademark Attorneys” was very helpful and sympathetic when they gave me a mere 6 months suspension with a suppression order that this decision was not to be made public. One could not ask for a better cover-up, which enabled me to continue ripping off my clients’ money. There is nothing like getting the professional assistance from my thieving colleagues and a corrupt Disciplinary Tribunal.

Tribunals in Australia supersede and are intended to bypass the actual legal system with no venue for an appeal and one is not permitted to be legally represented. One can utter forged documents as evidence, commit perjury and get away with it as the "Rules of Evidence" have been abolished for these tribunals which are closely modeled on Josef Stalin's Peoples Courts.

I also have to tell you how easy it is to do business along the lines I practiced without any worries of being discovered let alone be prosecuted.

One of my clients actually laid a complaint with the Police and I got hauled in for questioning. What a joke that interrogation was. A 12 year old could have done better than these Keystone Cop interrogators and would have been more capable of getting the spelling right.

The dysfunctional NSW Police then performed their usual “cost benefit analysis”, decided not to prosecute and I didn't even have to pay them off. Demonstrating that complaining to the police as a victim of crime is a complete waste of time.

I have a few more "professional colleagues", here in Australia, who rip off their clients’ money with impunity in the full knowledge and confidence that they will never be prosecuted or sued. It is an accepted fact that fraud and theft is dealt with very leniently by the police and the Australian Judiciary.

In the highly unlikely event one should get prosecuted, deregistered or sued one can rely on receiving no more than a slap on the wrist. Prison is definitely not on the cards and the more money you ripoff the less likely you are to get prosecuted. We are not some low class shoplifters (who actually do get time or get tasered to death on the mere suspicion of shoplifting. It takes on average 3 Cops to execute one suspect with a taser gun.) and it is a lot easier to prosecute them, unlike us professional Rip-Off merchants.

The most reassuring part of all these actions is, that by the time an Australian Patent Attorney's client discovers that he has been swindled out of his moneys and after having invested all his assets in his brainchild he no longer has any funds to take any costly legal action.

Call it double indemnity and justice has its price.

The other benefit of conducting business like I and my colleagues do, is that the only taxes one has to pay is on the income one declares.

This method of tax avoidance is very straightforward:

Of the moneys I rip off my clients, I declare all the moneys due to the foreign patent attorneys as tax-deductible, but never actually remit these moneys to the foreign patent attorneys. Those moneys I transfer into my Family Trust. This Trust then trades as a separate entity (Wobbegong Technology Information Pty. Ltd.  ACN 066 590 163), which again steals money from my clients by acting as a service provider, pays no rent for its office or any other goods and services it engages.  Again, these unpaid overheads are also declared as tax-deductible.

This Family Trust is run by my wife Wendy. "Wendy" is actually quite stupid and a bit of a slut, but when it came to participating in my rip off  schemes she just excelled and took to it like a duck to water.

One of my former clients even went so far as to sue me for damages, because he lost all of his patents and well over $100,000.– to me as a result of me stealing all his moneys instead of remitting them to the relevant overseas patent attorneys.

I had a ball with this case.

Again, the Representatives of the "The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia" were very helpful indeed by submitting a sworn affidavit claiming that they had never ever received a single complaint about me from any overseas Patent Attorney or any of my victims, but stated in their "Published Proceedings" to have received numerous complaints about their members not paying their overseas associates. I can only wonder how much more funds my good colleagues must have stolen from their hapless inventor clients.

I managed to drag out this case for over 2 years by means of regular adjournments. This caused additional legal costs to this sucker, who just didn’t have a clue as to how Australia’s legal system works.

All I did, to get an adjournment, was to use my usual methods such as:

“My mother is dying of cancer.” This always works and my mother must have died of cancer at least 5 times.

Or: “I didn’t have the time to compile the evidence.” This also works to get another adjournment.

When this Federal Court Judge finally made an order to have the evidence by a certain date I just ignored it. Not having complied with this Judge’s order was no big deal. On the date of the hearing this Judge simply determined another hearing date with a renewed order to submit the evidence.

On the following hearing I brought in an old box stuffed with manila folders, the whole thing looked like it just got dragged out from under the house, declaring this to be the evidence.

This surely must have been the most amusing part of my performance:

“I claimed then that submitting the evidence, which would prove that I had remitted to the overseas patent attorneys all the moneys the client paid me, could incriminate me!”

End of case!

All these legal proceedings cost me virtually nothing and I didn’t even have to make the effort to compile the “evidence”.

Initially, I engaged a solicitor for my defense but did not pay him either. Appearing in court without legal representation really worked in my favor. The other party appeared with their entourage.

This Judge was not impressed and really berated the other party for claiming that it had been defrauded; demonstrating that he hadn’t even bothered to read any of the 300 pages of documentary evidence submitted by the other party.

Fraud and theft is simply part and parcel of doing business in Australia and that the undertaking of any remedial action is not viewed very favorably, by this judge in particular, worked very well for me.

        If you get ripped off in Australia that’s just your bad luck and if you take legal action
        you are a troublemaker for incurring costs on the legal system.

  Learn How to Legally Steal and Keep Millions in Australia!

After all, it is the rape victim “who asked for it” who is the real troublemaker.

There is a lot more to this tale and it will be infrequently updated and can be found on the Ripoff Report 

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